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Today, Sunday, 28/11/2021

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Higg Index Facility Tools Summit Transforming manufacturers for a more sustainable future

25/05/2021 10:03 AM
APAC June 23-24 | AMER/EMEA June 28-29
Virtual Summit
In previous years, the SAC hosted the Manufacturer Forums where 800+ industry stakeholders gained in-depth knowledge about the Higg Facility Tools. This year, the SAC is relaunching the event as the new Higg Index Facility Tools Summit and changing the format to welcome a wider audience. The summit will bring together global manufacturers and supply chain stakeholders to share solutions, best practices, and Higg data insights for the Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) and Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (Higg FSLM).

The summit is suitable for experienced Higg Facility Tools users, including manufacturers, brands and retailers, and members of the value chain who want to advance and promote their sustainability performance.
The event will be in English, with interpretations available below. APAC: Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Bengali AMER/EMEA: Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese (Other interpretations such as Japanese and Italian will be confirmed later)

- Climate change: Understand industry expectations on worldwide climate change commitments and find ways to use the Higg Index to analyze your impact
- Future of Higg FEM: Get a sneak peek of how the Higg FEM will evolve in the coming years
- Energy and GHG solutions: Understand Higg FEM’s major trends through the SAC’s analysis of Energy and GHG Higg FEM data and get insight into setting goals to improve energy efficiency
- Chemical management solutions: Get insight into the Higg FEM Chemical Management section and understand how the ZDHC Supplier to Zero program improves chemical management

Social & Labor
- Key trends: Understand the latest global social and labor initiatives and how to integrate them into your strategy
- Align and collaborate: Discuss with SLCP on ways to improve the converged assessment framework so it can be a valuable tool for the entire industry


- Session 1: Awareness of global commitments to address the climate crisis

- Session 2: Learn how the industry has improved energy efficiency and understand how using the Higg FEM data demonstrates these results
- Session 3: Learn how the industry has been investing in solutions to build sustainable chemical management systems
- Session 4: Demonstrate the value of Higg FSLM v1.4 and the evolvement of the tool to align with global social and labor initiatives
- Session 5: Demonstrate the efficiency of adopting Higg FSLM/ SLCP vs. using own proprietary too

Attached files: 
1. Summit overview
2.  Higg Index Facility Tools Summit APAC Agenda
3. Event Platform Guide

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