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Today, Sunday, 03/07/2022

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USAID Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program to collaborate with Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association on energy use and emissions reduction
Friday, March 3, 2017. Representatives from the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program (V-LEEP) and the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) will gather in Hanoi, Vietnam on Friday, March 3, 2017 to sign a project assistance document which will formalize a collaborative relationship between the two parties over the next two years. The two parties (V-LEEP and VITAS) seek to work together on the common objective of developing and implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in VITAS member facilities in an effort to reduce energy use and emissions in Vietnam.
Industrias Haber’s, manufacturer of retails suits and uniforms for men and women based in Mexico, has chosen Lectra’s high-speed vector-cutting machines.
The impact of anti-odor clothing on the environment
Anti-odor athletic clothes containing silver nanoparticles have gained a foothold among exercise buffs, but questions have arisen over how safe and effective they are. Now scientists report that silver nanoparticles and coatings do wash off of commercially available garments in the laundry but at negligible levels. They also found that even low concentrations of silver on clothing kept microbes at bay.
Researchers create washable sensor that can be woven into materials
Researchers have developed a low-cost sensor that can be interlaced into textiles and composite materials. While the research is still new, the sensor may pave the way for smart clothing that can monitor human movement.
Engineers 3D print flexible mesh for ankle and knee braces
Engineers have designed pliable, 3D-printed mesh materials whose flexibility and toughness they can tune to emulate and support softer tissues such as muscles and tendons. They can tailor the intricate structures in each mesh, and they envision the tough yet stretchy fabric-like material being used as personalized, wearable supports, including ankle or knee braces, and even implantable devices, such as hernia meshes, that better match to a person's body.
That's 'sew' smart! Scientists invent threads to detect gases when woven into clothing
Scientists have developed a novel fabrication method to create dyed threads that change color when they detect a variety of gases. Woven into clothing, smart, gas-detecting threads could provide a reusable, washable, and affordable safety asset in medical, workplace, military and rescue environments. The study describes the fabrication method and its ability to extend to a wide range of dyes and detection of complex gas mixtures.
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